Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glitter Eyeliner for the holidays

There are hundreds of glitters to choose from, just make sure you get a finely milled cosmetic glitter. These are just a few of my favorites. When using glitter as eyeliner, make sure you choose a dark color so that it not only makes your eyes sparkle, but also defines the eye in the same way an eyeliner would.
There are tons of glitter eyeliners out there but I always use this method because you get more glitter which means better deffinition. The MAC eyeliner mixing medium is only available from MAC Pro stores. I ordered mine online, but you could also call a Pro store and order it directly from them. You will also need a superfine pointed brush, I use the MAC 210.
Start out by covering the brush in mixing medium, then line the upper lid with the brush. ( I use a magnified mirror because the medium is clear and hard to see.) Once you have the upper lid lined, dip the brush in the glitter and press brush fulls into the mixing medium.

oops, posted the photos in the wrong order..Here is a great example of complimentary makeup. Purple eyeshadows with red lips and red accessories! This is my daughter and I on new years eve.

Back to the glitter, you can also use the mixing medium on the inner corner of the eye, if you are going to do this, I would recommend a light color so that it brightens the eye.

This is another example of complimentary makeup. I packed gorgous gold and chrome yellow into the inner corner and used several different shades of purple on the outter corners. I used the yellow on the lower inner corner as well to add some brightness, and finished it off with purple glitter.

Almost anyone can wear purple eyeshadow, it looks great with blue eyes and especially pretty with green eyes. BLENDING is always the key!! Happy glittering!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Everyday Easy Makeup

My big sister is a very hard working single mom. She works full time in the loan department at a bank in Dallas. She doesn't wear much makeup on a consistent basis, and wanted to learn a little more about wearing eyeshadows.
I started out by applying a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. My sister has great skin and didn't nead much coverage foundation wise. The tinted moisturizer was perfect for her because it has some moisturizer, a little coverage and some sunscreen. Next I used Soft Ochre paint pot to the entire lid and used a little double wear concealer under the eyes. I chose Ricepaper for the brow highlight, Vex for the inner corner of the eyelid and Patina and Mulch for the crease.

I finished off with a little Teddy eyeliner to the upper lid and some mascara, added some lipstick and lipgloss and viole', my beautiful sister is ready for work! Thanks for letting my use your face Carrie, I love you!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hot Pink Halloween

I used pink pearl and magenta madness pigments from MAC pro. I didn't do a tutorial because the products I used were all pro products and can only be bought in a few stores :(

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Momma's feelin blue

Everyone needs a little blue eyeshadow now and then

Start out by placing a little blue tinted paint onto your eyelid, leaving a little space in the inner corners toward the nose

Choose a color for your brow highlight, I chose vellum because it is a highlight color with a little blue tint. I chose white frost for the inner corners because it gives a great contrast when using really bright colors

I chose Tilt to use in the upper part of the crease

Pack your blue on top of the blue paint you placed earlier using a flat brush, I am using cobalt which is a MAC pro color, but I love Electric Eel, Cool Heat and Swimming for other choices

Blend upwards into the tilt or lighter blue that you used

Add a dark blue eyeliner, I used a pearlglide eyeliner in auto de blue

Fill in brows and add mascara

Finish off with some foundation and blush and add a light lipstick, you could use a bolder lipstick, but as a personal preference, I choose to play up one feature at a time

Magenta Madness

Magenta Madness pigment with a dark grey and black smokey eye

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stepping up your day look to a night look

Start out by choosing a dark shade of brown or a shade of black, I chose handwritten
Take a flat brush and pack that dark color on the lid, all over, and bring it up into the crease

Like so

Add that same shadow to the bottom lash line using a flat brush

Add some black eyeliner to the top lid

Top off with another layer of mascara

add some lipstick with liner and lipgloss and you are ready for a night on the town

10 Minute Beauty Makeup

You will only need 3 brushes to complete this every day beauty make up
First apply your concealer and eye primer (I use the painterly paint pot by MAC)

Then choose a matte beige for the browbone (I used brule) and a shimmery color for the eye lid (dazzlelight)

Then choose a 2 shades of brown..a light and a dark. Any 2 shades will work as long as they are close in color.

Apply the light beige to the brow and the shimmery one to the eyelid using the flat brush for both

Then take your fluffy brush and load it with the lighter brown for your crease. Bring the color almost all the way to the brow bone as shown.

Next, load your brush with the darker brown and place it in the deepest part of your crease. blend upward with the lighter brown.

Add some brown eyeliner to the upper lid, I like lancome's art liner in iced carob

Line the lower lid. I have a round to almond shaped eye, so I stop the liner in the middle so that it gives the appearence of a more almond shape by pulling it up at the edges

Fill in the brows with a shadow the same shade as your hair color using your slanted brush

Add a layer of your favorite mascara, some foundation if you like (I use MAC studio fix powder), blush and some lipgloss.

beautiful, you are ready for the day....more than ready...you are lovely ;0)